You’re not their home. 

You’re just a stop, along the journey. 

You don’t deserve this. 

You’re a whole destination. 

Put that in your mind. 

I know it’s going to be painful, 

but what is the goodness does it bring you? 

What good is there in staying in a place,

if its going to break you into thousand pieces? 

What’s your love to them?


You can no longer trust them.

So, leave. 

Pack your bags. Leave your heart.

Leave your heart behind.

And run away. From everything. 

From the one you love. 

from the one who breaks you.

the one who’s hurting you, deeply. 

People change, love. 

They’ve changed, too. 

So leave. Go on your own adventure.

Bid goodbye to this fake world. 

And embrace the cosmos. 

That is where you belong.

Posted by:Sharmin Jeet

I have always been interested in writing since my high school days - my first blog was started in 2009 and was kept hidden for almost 2 years. One day, I decide to come out of my shell and I've been in great abundance since then with great support systems around me. I am currently completing my Professional Certificate in Counselling and would like to pursue in Special Education for Children. I love sharing and I thought what's the better way than to write about it? I added a pinch of Photography with the idea of producing genuine contents from my point of view.

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